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Medical marijuana Las Vegas? I think so…

Medical marijuana in Las Vegas is much closer than you think.  After an unanimous approval by the Senate Judiciary Committee two weeks ago,  the approval of Senate Bill 374 is only two steps away.  The bill is now on its way to the Senate Finance Committee, where it is expected to pass with flying colors.  Once approved, Bill 374 will be sent to the floor of the Full Senate for its final vote.  If Senate Bill 374 is passed it will allow medical marijuana dispensaries to legally operate in Nevada.  Section 8.2 of Senate Bill 374 states…  “Medical marijuana dispensary means a business that acquires, possesses, delivers, transfers, transports, supplies, sells or dispenses marijuana or related supplies and educational materials to the holder of a valid registry identification card.”

Need to get your medical marijuana card?  The process is no different than any other legal state.  Section 14 of Senate Bill 374 says an applicant for the issuance or renewal of a medical marijuana establishment agent registration card or medical marijuana  establishment registration certificate shall:

A:  Include the social security number of the applicant in the application submitted to the Division.

B:  Submit to the Division the statement prescribed by the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services of the Department of Health and Human Services. The statement must be completed and signed by the applicant.  Bill 374 also adds a safeguard against defrauding a medical marijuana card in Nevada.  Attempting to forge your medical marijuana card is a criminal offense and punishable by up to four years in prison.  Section 1 of Senate Bill 374 makes it very clear that it is unlawful   for any person to counterfeit or forge a registry identification card and any person found guilty will be charged with a category E felony.

Thinking about owning your own medical marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas?  This bill has set the maximum fees that can be charged by the Health Division.  Section 12 of Senate Bill 374 requires $20,000 for the initial issuance of a medical marijuana establishment registration certificate for a medical marijuana dispensary, and that’s not even the half of it.  After you add cultivation, edibles and medical registration you’ll be lucky to open for under 50k (not counting cost of plants, products, etc.).  Read section 13 of Senate Bill 374 to find out how to work for a dispensary.

Don’t even think about driving under the influence.  As of right now marijuana is the only drug with it’s own limits in Nevada, which means if you are found to have over a certain amount in your system, you must be impaired.  No further test will be required to determine you are driving impaired.  This bill would eliminate the binding power of residual marijuana content for any legal patient with a medical marijuana card in Nevada.

What does the future hold for medical marijuana Las Vegas?  Seven years ago the voters rejected legal pot.  But, just two weeks ago the Judiciary Committee approved it.  Keep in mind six years ago 5.8 % of the population used marijuana regularly.  That number has now grown to 7%.  We’re still a long way from 13% back in the late 70’s but weed is clearly becoming more and more acceptable by all ages in Nevada.  The majority of registered patients in Nevada are between the ages of 55 and 64.  There’s even a good chance that Nevada will legalize recreational use following the 2016 elections.  At the end of the day Nevada’s economy is in a bad way (to say the least) and running out of options.

Give us your thoughts on Bill 374.  If the bill does pass would you prefer to pick up your own weed or have it delivered?


3 responses to "Medical marijuana Las Vegas? I think so…"

  1. Joaquin Jun 05, 2013 at 17:06

    Hi thanks for the informative article!

    One question though: you state

    “This bill would eliminate the binding power of residual marijuana content for any legal patient with a medical marijuana card in Nevada.”

    However I read Bill 374 as introduced recently and couldn’t find anything pertaining to this statement. Has that provision been stripped? Will be very disappointed if so.. as it stands med marijuana patients pretty much are banned from driving.


    • Sam Jun 12, 2013 at 09:21

      On March 18th bill 351 was introduced in the Assembly. This bill would exempt marijuana patients from the state’s unscientific limit on how much THC they can have in their systems while driving.


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